I'm probably going to be camping/climbing out in Leavenworth every weekend in October. !!Oktoberfest!! I'm always open door policy. The only tricky part about that place is that the trees are pretty large. 15' straps are pretty much the only way to go.

But I'm open to other trips pretty much any other month of the year. I'll be in Alaska on job for a couple weeks starting Sept 4th. But I'm hoping for at least one trip before my October Leavenworth binge begins.

But yeah looks like we have enough people for a small group hang. Maybe we ought to get one rolling. My girl and I are both equipped and ready to go. I just called the Marblemount ranger station on HWY 20 and got the OK for hammock camping in that area, I also know of places by Snoqualmie, and up by Mt. Baker. I have a decent place for pretty much any occasion, it just depends on how far you want to drive/hike or not.