I hang some of it from my tarp ridge line. The really light stuff, nothing heavy. I dont want it to create a vally for water to run down.

The heavier stuff I put on my hammock ridgeline. Although sometimes I just lay my pack on a piece of reflectix under my hammock. Just depends on the mood I'm in. I'm not real consistant on this yet. Still kind of new to it. I like hanging my boots or sandals from my hammock RL though. Makes it easy to find them when I need to get up. I made a RL organizer for smaller stuff. I tend to not have a lot in my pack after I have set up camp. The most I leave in there is my packsaw, blade, fire starting stuff, and the bags for my gear. So its pretty light and doesnt cause my hammock to sag on one end if I hang it on the hammock RL.