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Only "You" can answer this question, no one can do it for you. If I didn't cut the weight I would have never been able to hike the trails and miles that I have. Reason, my knees are shot, I have arthritis....plus more.....
Now (a few years later and who knows how much $ ) my 3 season pack weight with 4/5 days of food is under 20#'s (usually around 18) and even though my knee's still take a beating, and my back is sore at the end of the day I "Truly" enjoy hiking now and I have been able to do much more because my pack weight has allowed me too!

I hike a lot with others in a club that are usually more fit and often younger. A lighter pack is a great equalizer. I love to get out on the trail (1200+ trail miles in last 3.5 years) and I just could not do it without a really light kit. One of my motivations for making the gear that I do is to have a few extra $ to purchase gear that I'm interested in. I've also adopted these rules: Make gear if you can; if you can't make it, buy it used; if you can't buy it used, buy it on sale; when all else fails, just buy it; and finally, if/when I find a lighter option that I like, I sell what it replaces.