I figure I should get this started while I am thinking about it.

Oh, and just a couple quick updates:

Stick, my co-organizer, is in Maine right now. He took a short walk and will be finishing the AT in the next 2 weeks.

As for myself? At the beginning of May I met up with Stick and few friends to hike a section of the AT and I blew out my knee. Had surgery on Friday July 13th. I've been rehabbing it by taking walks and I did 7 miles this past sunday. I am planning a fall hiking trip to the Old Loggers Path as a celebratory hike. It's amazing to be able to hike without the constant pain I have lived with for 20+ years.

Anyway, enough updates and on to what brought you here:

6th Annual New Jersey Winter Hang.

Where: Batona camp site.
When: January 25th - January 27th 2013

This is a drive in area, so you can bring extra stuff to stay warm if you want. It was very warm last year, we are hoping for a return of the cold weather for this year.

3nd Annual Winter Hang Coup de grāce de grub.

This year we will be changing the format. There will be 4 winners. Main dish, side, dessert and overall. Each person will get a card and you will just pick one entry for each category.

It can be served at anytime Friday or Saturday, but must be made for the group. Normally when my group goes hiking it's just the one item that makes everyone wish they thought of it. I'm changing that rule to make sure people can try it. I don't expect you to make enough for everyone at the hang, but it would only hurt your chances of winning if you didn't. I will be making a printout that you can customize and have at your dish.

Prizes: In the works. Will update later.

Voting: There will be a one vote per attendant limit. Votes that don't have a name will be void. If there are multiple votes by one person, that person will have to tell the judges what one they vote for, if they can't, both votes will be void.

The winner will be announced Saturday Night at the fire.

More to come once Stick is back and we can have a sit down and talk plans.