I had a little issue with one of my Kammok Python straps the other day, a stitch failed while my wife was getting in, but thankfully the daisy chain design caught on the next link so she didn't fall all the way.

So I emailed Kammok requesting a return/exchange and the response I got was from Greg McEvilly, the CEO himself, within hours of my request.

After apologizing for the issue, Greg was already offering to send off a replacement and pre-paid return label for me to send the damaged product back for inspection (presumably to figure out where it failed.)

When I commented how unusual it is for a CEO to answer customer support questions, Greg said he is forwarded all issues involving something like a product failure. He is obviously very involved in the day-to-day operations of his company, and I really respect that.

We're lucky to have vendors in the hammock community like Greg and Kammok. But it's not limited to them, I've also experienced other members of the community going out of their way to help me.

My recent order from whoopieslings.com was processed within hours and received quickly. Stuart, too, is awesome.