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    Quote Originally Posted by 4th4 View Post
    Thanks for the info everyone!

    To answer a question a few replies back; I dont' have anything camping related. Well, not for compact light-weight camping. Sure I have a pile of Coleman sleeping bags which are fine when the I can throw them in the back of the Subaru, but I'll be on a motorcycle with nothing but what I can carry on my rear fender and fender bags.

    I like the options you all gave me; except for the DIY. I'm a DIY'er for sure but I have waaay too many of those right now and I want to focus on something that will work right outta the box, and i'm willing to pay for the quality and compactability. I'll take some time to look into the different selections and report back if I have more questions.

    One more thought; I know hammocks are all about personal preference and earlier I mentioned Hennessy as the first hammock I really researched on. Is there anyone OPPOSED to HH for some reason or another?
    Just curious..
    A Hennessy is an excellent choice. My first "real" hammock was a Deep Jungle bought from a member in the For Sale setion. I never used the Hennessy method of suspension I tied some descender rings onto the line about a foot from the end of the hammock and used Crazy Creek tree straps. Later on I changed out to White Mountain's Lock N Load cinch buckles b/ adjustment was easier. I still use cinch buckles, but I'm graduating to whoopies Hennessey's are good all-in-one system that includes the bug net and tarp. The Deep Jungle comes with a reflectix pad that will keep you warm to about 40* and I've done low 30's with it and a pad with heavy clothing. Of course, that was my first hang and nobody had told me I couldn't do that yet----

    You will find them in the For Sale Section on a regular basis in the hundred dollar range. They're the Fords of the hammock world.

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    Just make sure you ride above a couple thousand feet in elevation. Then you won't have to worry about mosquitos.

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