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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryBunk View Post
    Invest the time to go back and reread.
    Again with the obnoxious and accusatory tone.

    We all read your post perfectly fine the first time around - our disagreement both with your sentiment and with your analogy is not symptomatic of some sort of intellectual deficiency, as you accused in your post full of grammar and spelling mistakes. It does stem, however, from thinking that you are full of crap and being extremely over-dramatic.

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    My experience with cottage industries:

    AHE: good
    Hammock Gear: good
    JRB: good
    OES: good
    Dutchware: good

    Have there been delays in shipping? A couple of times, but I do not expect Amazon-like service from cottage folks who HAVE LIVES TO LIVE as well as operate their businesses. Sometimes things go haywire. Family illness, kids to watch, and I imagine many other sabots that fall into the gears. And during good weather they might actually enjoy getting out into the woods!

    They do not have 24/7 order processing capabilities (such as Amazon or REI). And I can live with that. Cottage industries rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryBunk View Post
    Invest the time...maybe the point was missed...Get my point?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mustardman View Post
    Again with... thinking that you are full of crap and being extremely over-dramatic.
    Take it to PM guys. This is the second thread this has been brought up in. We heard both sides of it already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryBunk View Post
    Invest the time to go back and reread. The statement is made: "Look at what you got and what you paid" or something very close to that (the McDonalds Analogy). OK maybe the point was missed, Whenever someone has a problem here, both big or small and posts something, in charges the calvary to tell the purchaser to back off or wait or re-evaluate. My point is its easy to say things when you aren't invested, try going next door and telling the guy how to raise his kids. Get my point?
    You might have a point if the OP didn't come here and ask for our input.

    Although I would still disagree with you, I think we are invested. These are people we also order from and have to deal with. It might not have been me waiting this time, but it was me waiting a couple weeks ago while a vendor was on vacation. This isn't a case of 'it's easy to say because we're not in his shoes'. It's a case of 'we've been in those shoes before'. It's a case of everyone trying to encourage a positive attitude about a very minor incident, an incident that to most of us wouldn't even be an incident.

    And seriously, it was 1 DAY. If it had been a week late with no communication then I can guarantee you the sentiment from everyone would be a little different. I know mine would be.
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    lots of Pot Meet Kettle going on here
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    If anything useful comes from this, maybe it will be that Paul and other vendors who mostly make-to-order put in a system prior to events that promote volume, A.K.A Sales, that notifies customers early of unexpected delays. Everybody can't be Priority 1, and customers who are NOT ordering the sale merch shouldn't be last priority, either.

    Not everyone is experienced with made-to-order vendors, but many of them include boilerplate language of this nature:
    "Tell us if yours is a rush order, and we will try to accommodate."
    In buys from HF members and cottage industry dealings I'm always up-front about my priority, which is usually low. "Ship some time next week, and combine trips."

    But, a rush order coincident with a sale? (Not saying OP ordered one of AHE's sale items). Ummmmmmmmm.
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    Actually the item in question is one of the sale items, was ordered in the later half of the sale and we do have on our order page a section (befor any one pays) describing both rush order terms along with cancellation terms. Over the past 2 weeks we have actually told a number of folks that requested rush service that we could not accommodate them due to our order volume and priority to oldest orders first. This cost us 5-6 sales and about $1000 of potential income. We are putting everything we have at moving all orders out the door as quickly as possible. Both yesterday and today we made more than one trip to the post office. The crew is going to be working through the weekend to keep moving production along without a day off this week. Getting everyone's gear out as fast as we possibly can is top priority.

    As I said before the OP can contact me directly if we need to do anything to help them out with our day overage on our estimate.
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    Anybody else notice that the OP hasn't chimed in since that very first post? Suspicious?

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    I'm going to close this thread. The OP said his piece and Paul responded.

    The grumpiness in this thread isn't acceptable on HF. If you've been here long enough to know that, then I'd ask that you start following the rules a little more closely. If you're relatively new to this site, know we tend to treat each other more respectfully than on many other sites. That doesn't mean that you can't give an honest critique of an experience or product, or disagree with another member...but it will be done respectfully or it will be moderated.
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