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    Further research reveals some new products that may prove useful in solving this dilemma. I am looking at using these anchors 8008957

    They are load rated to 850# if used in conjunction with a shouldered eye bolt rate at 500# I may have a winning combination.

    I will take a spade bit or hole saw and remove just enough drywall to allow the anchor to tighten up firmly against the rafter or top plate. Then caulk around the remaining now flush anchor, touch up the paint and I only have a 3/8 threaded hole exposed to screw in a shouldered eye bolt when I want to use the hammock. I plan on screwing the anchors in as close to the appropriate angle for the hammock.

    Can You guys shoot some holes in this plan?

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    Those seem pretty legit! Anyone ever actually used those Sammys?

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    I'd like to see some pics Cannibal. I have a hammock attatched to the rafters in the basement. It lays perpendicular to the rafters and connected to loops of paracord ran through holes drilled through the rafters. How long are your eye bolts and what size?
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    Please check out the link below to show your love for hammocks!

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    Sorry for the delay in getting some pictures. Life got a little busy for a few days.

    Here are a few pics of our attachment points. No need for any suspension; one nice thing about hanging in a basement with low ceilings.

    From one end, to the other. Forgive the overhead light, it made taking pics a bit difficult.

    Better view without the light, but only one end.

    Where our hammocks come together at one end.

    This is how they are connected. You can also see my 'miss' on display here. Still be very easy to repair.

    Ideally, we would be able to tie into one rafter at each end like we did in our old place. Layout of the room just wouldn't work here, so our forces are "pulling" the rafters. However, the last picture is the attachment point for the hammock I sleep in nightly. I've been hanging from that eyebolt for 4 years now and you can't see the first hint of any damage, or the bolt starting to loosen. In full disclosure, the house was built in the late 40s and the lumber is old growth so the grains are nice and tight. Newer construction using the fast harvest wood might not grip the eyebolt as well.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    Simple and easy

    Bradley's frame for his daughter's hammock ought to work as well. And no, or minimal damage to the walls.


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    Alright, i ended up with just shy of 12' between my D rings in the ceiling. They're at least 90" off the ground at their lowest point, so i put a 15' piece of rope up to see what it would look like, and it seems doable, but would that change once tension was put on it? I'll take pictures once i pretty it up a bit

    All of your help is greatly appreciated folks.

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    So, I have it narrowed now between a few hammocks.

    Choice A:

    Choice B:

    Choice C:

    Again, any and all help is appreciated, sorry for not being patient :X

    Edit: Scratch that, I went with B. I called and it weighed the most. Seems like i might have to rig some straps / chains to make it hang correctly. I'll post pictures
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