Hey, everybody!

I've been lurking around for a week or so (what a lot of information to read) and I'm sure I'll have tons of questions later.

I've always camped in tents or under tarps and am looking forward to trying out a hammock instead.

I've got a generic double hammock (constructed kind of like the Eno) on the way.

I am interested in trying out that saggy hanging method since my previous experience was ages ago with very tippy old-style spreader bar hammocks. I'm sure we'd always try to hang them too tight so it was barely possible to stay in them and they were also several decades old so they'd sometimes spontaneously rip. You'd get dumped on the ground either way. I remember trying to sleep outside in one over night and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes From Underneath! What an affront!

Anyway, that's enough for tonight.