JJ, et al,

The JRB Hammock Hut is a true tent.... It has four sides, which functions as doors or can be completely rolled up. It can be pitched on slopes. The hammock hut as top vents in each door panel and beaks to protect from blow in. There is 40 sq ft of floor space. Room for a hammock, a ground dweller and a child or large dog also on the ground. No need for hammock socks or weather proof bottoms... Weight is well under 2 pounds at 1 pd 12 oz.

Alternatively the JRB 11x10 Cat tarp forms full ridgeline to ground protection but has key hole door openings and only 25 sq ft of floor... It is a great winter tarp providing several pitches and this storm protective tent like pitch.

I agree that four season hammocking is indeed viable... And yes it requires winter capable, shelter and insulation...While this is heavier than summer or three season gear it is often still lighter than suitable ground set ups for the same conditions....With standard off the shelf shelters and insulation zero degree hanging is easily doable with 12-15 pound base loads.