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Like these videos a lot and just goes to show you dont need a bunch of stuff if you are just walking.

I have some questions for him, but dont know his member name here.
Did not find Loner.
Maybe some of you guys could answer if you know.

Water, how did he treat it. I think I heard him say water tablets or drops in one of his drop boxes.

No bug net, no head net etc that I saw.
How did he deal with bugs. Only thing I can think is repellant.

How did he upload his videos to the internet. Cant figure that one out totally unless he used computers at the hotels he stayed at or did he have a smart phone etc ?? There is one part where he is at a hotel and talking about uploading to YT.

What camera and How did he charge his camera. He is moving along and making some miles and using a lot of camera time.
Seems like he would need a lot of charge time.

Did he carry a smart phone cell phone etc ??

Clothing seems skimpy.
Only insulated warm thing I saw was a montbell vest.
Sorry again for the late reply. But found this thread very interesting and very suprised so many people were wondering about my gear. Here's some awnsers...

-My trail name is Loner but my Whiteblaze and Hammock forums id is SnakeSesssion.

-Water treatment were tablets at first then changed to aquamira. But did not treat much from the Whites - on. Only once did the water look really bad.

-Nope I did not have a bug net the whole hike. There were a few really bad nights with little sleep and would recomend having the net mailed to you in the summer - then get rid of it when it cooler again.

-I did carry a little thing of bug spray when I would find it in a hiker box. But no sun screen.

-No cell phone (except the last 200 miles).

-Camera - Nikon Easy pix that takes two AA batteries. They last about a week.

-And yes my clothing was very skimmpy but guess I just don't need to carry as much as others. When it was in the 20s I would wear all three layers and sometimes my poncho as well.

Hope this info helps out and good luck to other AT hikes in hammocks! Also thanks to all for the support on the trail! Loner