View Poll Results: Do you like an HHSS, or is it just so/so, or does it stink?

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  • I have tried the HHSS but was not warm even at 40- 50F, it is not a good system.

    5 6.85%
  • I tried it and had to much condensation, so it is not for me.

    5 6.85%
  • I tried it and have not had any significant condensation problems.

    18 24.66%
  • Condensation was manageable, and I was warm down to 40F with the basic system.

    17 23.29%
  • I was warm to 30F with basic system and condensation was acceptable

    14 19.18%
  • I was warm to about 20F (basic system) and condensation was acceptable

    11 15.07%
  • I have been warm below 20F with the basic system

    6 8.22%
  • I have been warm well below 20F by adding unworn clothing or other insulation in the undercover

    7 9.59%
  • The UC provides significant extra wind/rain/snow/fog protection, which is a big plus!

    25 34.25%
  • I find it to be more than adequate for the money and weight/volume. I like it!

    37 50.68%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Earlier in the thread a comment was made that Hennessy does not supply the space blanket liner. They have changed that policy, apparently - when I got my insulation system, there was a space blanket in there, with everything else!
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    I have used the super shelter in temps around 40 degrees maybe a bit below and I was fine, I also will note I don't sleep fully dressed like alot of people do so that should tell you something. I used a 15 degree bag as top quilt.
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