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    2nd Annual Oregon Winter Hang! Jan 18-20th

    Last years Hang was amazing!
    So going to start this up to give people time to plan and and prepare.

    DATE: January 18-20th 2013 (revised)

    We will be up on Mt Hood at Frog Lake again.

    Snowshoes are recommended if you plan to do any day hiking/exploring.
    In camp should get packed down fairly quickly and you shouldn't need them.
    There should be a couple pairs of extra snowshoes around.
    Cross country skis may work as well.

    You should have winter gear good to at LEAST 20 degrees.
    And something that can take you lower in case you need it.
    Our scouting trip got to 22 degrees but its not unheard of to have
    single digit temps. We will be close to the cars, there is no reason not to drag extra gear and clothing along.

    You should wear good base layers and good winter clothing.
    Jeans and cotton shirt wont cut it!
    Waterproof boots are highly recommended and bring extra socks.
    Wet frozen feet are not fun...

    I plan to bring some nice dry firewood along with me so we can get a fire started without all the hassle.

    For additional entertainment we are doing a White Elephant/Secret Santa/ or what ever you know it as gift exchange.
    This is not really about getting stuff as much as its about fun.
    It can be hammock related but doesn't have to be.
    We should set a max you can spend. I don't care about a minimum.
    Again FUN if it makes the group laugh its even better.
    Hope more can make it this year!
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