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    Would this work?

    I'm sure I'm not re-inventing the wheel here, but had an idea to simplify my current suspension system on a JRB BMBH-UL. The stock suspension and tri-glides works fine as-is, but I have this hank of amsteel sitting around, and you know how that goes..

    I'd like to convert to a whoopie sling based setup to give me even better ease of use and a bit more length than the stock setup, but would like to eliminate the need for a separate section of webbing to protect the tree.

    My thought was to re-use the tubular webbing from a set of unused Grand Trunk tree straps in conjunction with a whoopie sling. The fixed end of the whoopie sling would be threaded through the tubular webbing and would terminate at a carabiner. The adjustable loop of the whoopie sling would be permanently connected to the ring on the JRB suspension so that it would easily accommodate the amsteel sliding back and forth as the suspension is adjusted.

    Hanging would be as simple as wrapping the fixed end of the whoopie sling around the tree and clipping the carabiner in place, then sliding the webbing in place to protect the tree. Then it would be very easy to fine-tune the setup by using the adjustable loop of the whoopie sling.

    Anyone see any issues with this setup? I'm game to try it but don't want to waste the amsteel if I am missing an obvious problem.


    -- Tom
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    Sure, that'll work. Flat webbing would protect the tree better than Amsteel through tubular webbing but your idea will technically work.

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    Just completed the project, now have to give them a test out in the field.

    If anyone else is thinking of doing the same here are the dimensions I used:

    I started with a 470" section of amsteel, so cut it in half and each section was 235".

    14" for a locked brummel loop (4" loop w/ 6" bury) on the fixed end.

    60" from the tip of the loop to the beginning of the whoopie sling bury. This length dictates how big of a tree you can go around. I just eyeballed it at the time, but 60" will let you go around a tree with a 19" diameter.

    I used 8" as the bury length for the whoopie sling.

    I used another 8" to double-back the end of the amsteel after it exits the whoopie sling bury.

    Note that there is a trade-off here - the larger you make the loop to accomodate large trees, the more the minimum distance between smaller trees will go up.

    Using my BMBH UL with 105" ridgeline and assuming 30* hang angle - hanging from a pair of 19" diameter trees, the trees could be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet apart.

    However, if I am hanging from a pair of 4" diameter trees, they need to be at least 16 feet apart.

    I hadn't thought it through to this extent before construction but think these values offer a reasonable starting point - time will tell

    -- Tom

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    I'm happy doing it the other way around, putting the fixed loop on the hammock with a lark's head and the running end through a carbiner at the tree.

    I second the motion for webbing straps.


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    Whoop whoop!
    Without doing any math - I'd guess the potential damage to a tree would be about equal to that from a slightly thicker and less expensive piece of rope. Although, maybe, the set up is a little lighter?

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