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    Florida Panhandle September 3rd and 4th

    I need to get out again. I've checked into the various options, and the best looking overnight trail that I'm willing to drive to is going to be the Titi Creek section of the Florida Trail.

    The current plan is that the wife is on her way to buy my camping permit at Jackson Guard in Niceville (this section of trail is inside the Eglin Air Force Base boundaries and you are required to have a recreation permit to enter, and a camping permit to spend the night.), then I'll have her drop me off at the eastern trail head off from highway 285. I intend to hike through to the Jr Walton Pond campsite and make a comfortable night of it there. It should, SHOULD be a leisurely hike back out to the western trailhead on highway 85. There I'll wait for my dear sweet wife to come pick me up. Fortunately for me she works in the area, so this isn't going to be something I'll have to owe her for...

    I am sure I'll have wet feet most of the trip, especially with all of the rain we've had. It's been listed as being 15.4 miles. Which should make for a fairly easy two day trek.

    If anyone's interested in joining, please feel free to contact me. Maybe my trip write up about this hike, won't be filled with another report of being afraid of the dark, if someone ends up going with me...

    (Here's Ty Handy's report on their hike. There's a few places with information on this stretch.)
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