Hey everyone,

I got my girlfriend one of the pink tablecloth hammocks and am now in the process of putting together a few more DIY items to go along with it (UQ, TQ, tarp, and possibly a DIY blackbird hammock). The only thing is I'm having a hard time finding any pink ripstop locally and online have only found high prices. Since I'm probably going to purchase around 20 yards I'm really trying to find a good price. Also I am going to get a smaller amount of white rip stop which the seller on eBay also carries. The best I've seen so far is this nylon from eBay:


The only thing that concerns me is that it claims to be waterproof which I don't really think would be suitable for making a hammock or TQ out of. If anyone has any experience with this seller or knows of somewhere else I could get a good price please let me know.