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The fabric is kind of "crunchy", it sounds like a cereal bag, but that noise goes away when you lay in it even when you move around. I gets good and taught with very little stretch, it seems to be woven very tight. My Hancock Fabrics 1.9 seems to be woven less tight, it gives more. We haven't washed it, but i hope it will soften it and take some of the noise out. My wife's hammock was made from 10' of fabric and it stuffs down to the size of a 2qt sauce pot with 7' whoopies, 12' tree straps, and adj. ridgeline. My hammock has the same specs and it packs just smaller than my size 9.5 running shoe. Hope that helps a little.
Thanks for the info! I just placed my order and hopefully will have time to get put together all the gear over the next few weeks.