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    Tent & Hammock with interchangeable rainfly/tarp?

    Does anyone have any advice on an ultralight 3-4 season tent option with a removable rainfly/tarp that can also work on a hammock?

    I basically want to have my hammock AND a solid ground/no tree/bad weather/cold night option. It makes sense, to me, that the rainfly/tarp is the easiest place to save on weight when carrying (basically) two shelter options.

    I thought about doing a bivy with my hammock tarp, but I'm scared of waking up to snakes or bugs.

    So I've moved my search to tarptent options where the tarp could be used either for a hammock OR as a shell for a single person tent.

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    ive used my z-pack cuben on my hammock and on the ground.
    i set it up as a wing pointing at wind.

    over hammock

    "Tenting is equivalent to a bum crawling into a cardboard box, hammocking is an art" KK

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    So before I converted to hammocking I already had the setup for an ultralight tarp shelter. This is what I'd use:

    Equinox Globe Skimmer 8x10 tarp (22oz with all lines and bishop bag)
    Sea to Summit Pyramid single bug net (7oz can be used for ground and hammock)
    Tyvek ground sheet (4oz)

    The tarp can be setup between trees with a ridge line or using trekking poles to make a free standing A frame.
    Now most of the time I'd also bring my GT Nano hammock (10oz) too just for lounging after hiking.
    So put it all together and it can be a hammock OR ground shelter.
    If you carried your UQ, TQ and an pad you would everything to sleep on the ground comfortably or hang.

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    eno double nest, 12'r, 90x132"r
    kelty noah 12 :D
    DIY down and VB
    is that a dog??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahhhgladius View Post
    is that a dog??
    Yes, meet Kaia!

    "Tenting is equivalent to a bum crawling into a cardboard box, hammocking is an art" KK

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    Kaia even has her own pink pack!

    I'm currently looking at double wall tents (or tarptent tents) where I might be able to use the rainfly for both my hammock or my innerwall/innernet.

    My thought is if it's a tent rainfly, it should be reinforced in the areas where I'd be using trekking poles, stakes and guylines for ground pitching.

    I'm currently considering the SS1 with the partial cover inner wall.

    However, in my search I found this and fell in love with it:

    I LOVE the freestanding design using trekking poles. But it's a single wall tent, and I seriously doubt I can fannagle it into a hammock rainfly if I needed to. :{

    My other idea, is buying JUST the innerwall/innernet from tarptent, and then buying a cuben fiber tarp with flaps, like the one you show in your photo above.

    I've just never tarptented, so I worry about using a tarp that isn't made (per se) for ground pitching. And I have no clue what the most inventory & weather efficient setup will be for this.

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    You know, I was just reading a forum on trying to re-use tent flies as hammock rain flies and it failing miserably.

    Does that hammock rainfly you pictured pitch well/reliably on the ground using trekking poles and stakes if I end up somewhere treeless?
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