In the Wharton State Forest at Batsto, NJ on 11/4 from 10-3 they will be having

All day event (2 Sessions) on educating the kids on the Pine Barren of NJ

NO details yet, but i will post as i get the final schedule.

They want a camping/hiking demonstration in the picnic area. i need a few to set up camp and answer questions about their gear. i will need a few tenters also. If you could do a little presentation it would be great, but we need to keep it simple. Topics like Safety, How to follow blazes, Map and Compass, Lightweight Stoves, Backpacking Gear, Weather considerations, Evolution of Tents to Hammocks

That night we can all go to Buttonwood Camp that is 3 miles away by car. (Batona Trail 5.5 mi). you can car camp here and there is paddling in the Mulica River (remember its NOVEMBER)