I have one of Ed's original synthetic PP's and a new 900 fill PP. I rarely use the synthetic one now except as a loan. Living in the mtns of NC I find the goose down PP sufficient to use except in the middle of the summer. For me, below 35*'s I will bring along my Speer quilt as an add on backup. Im a very cold sleeper though. Jeff's description of the PP is very accurate in my opinion. I absolutely love my PP. I use a home made speer type hammock so its a great set up for me. I like the versatility of stretching a ridgeline inside my pod for a tent like atmosphere for reading if chosen. I like the warm air feeling/breathing inside, in real cold weather. Ive never had a condensation problem. In very cold nights i will leave the ends open somewhat for ventilation. In very warm nights I just leave it open and use it as a bottom quilt. One night I used it as a quilt on the floor of a shelter with a 3/4 foam pad which I take anyway for my chair setup. Just my 2 cents