A good number of orders went out today and more will go out tomorrow and Wednesday, but after that, we'll be incommunicado for a few days on a fishing/kayaking/hammock camping trip. Although we've been joined by them separately, Shane's younger brother and my older brother are coming with us. We're looking forward to the trip (and I am looking forward to deep-hole smallmouth bass!) and to testing some of our BIAS gear for a change. Lately, we've been under house arrest as we try to keep up with orders and we haven't given the gear the workout it deserves.

We'll be out Sept. 13-Sept. 17 and will resume corresponding, making gear and shipping immediately upon our return. Just expect delays of a few days while we get out and enjoy the fall weather.

I've posted a comment like this on another thread, but I wanted to do this in its own thread. We'll try to get an announcement up on the site, too.

Check out our Facebook page next week for a trip report. We'll put the highlights up here.

Thanks, customers and friends! Happy hanging!