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I was waiting till July to register anyways as I believe they will only take reservations no more than 30 days in advance anyways. Am I correct?
But anyways:
I hike in hot weather all the time. Just a bit slower at a more relaxed pace in my hiking Kilt ( in true Scottish style).
I Just camel up with more water than usual. Warmer weather and higher humidity just means to pace your hike. It also means less weight as I dont pack an UQ and I carry a lighter TQ as well. So at least thats the good side of summer conditions!!
So I will keep my eyes posted on this thread.
From what I have read on the Pa DCNR site one could register up too 11 months in advance, although some of the finer details are a little hard to decipher.

I too hike in hotter weather, and agree with you that one should change the manner in which they do things in higher temps but I felt that a health and safety disclaimer should be posted for extremely high temps and humidity, which can lead too a deathly combination if not taken seriously.

I carry a custom summer set from HG, now whether I use either or both is determined on the current conditions, but I still carry them. I have been thinking on making a "super summer set" if you will.....one that would work during those very hot and humid nights to utilize evaporative cooling, which a hammock already does to some extent.

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This is how I look at summer conditions as well. Pack light and slower hiking. And to get up early to hike when it's cooler. Take a longer lunch and nap in the heat of afternoon and hike later in afternoon and into evening when it's cooler and stays lighter longer. But August can be brutal so I can understand the change in dates.
Very good tip HC, get up early and hike during the cooler hours, and take a break when the sun is at it's peak.

Funny thing is the next day after I posted that the temps dropped as we got a few good thunderstorms that rolled in cooling everything down ....mother nature huh