OK, as the title says this thread is a planning thread for a Thru hike of the LHHT in 2013......

This is open to all whom would like to join, and I welcome all.......

With that said there are a few hick-ups, in order for me to get the time off for almost anything out side of two days I must plan accordingly, with that said every year at my job around November our leave book cycles through each shift member and we get to choose our vacation days for the following year (a couple days each round the book goes, which is usually 4) the book usually cycles until January (so only a couple months). But in order for me to get the days off needed/wanted I need to know what days I want when the book makes its first stop with me.

So with that said here is my initial thoughts------

I was thinking of a Southbound Thru, ending the hike in Ohiopyle (sp???) so that we may have a decent celebratory meal.

I am open to the amount of days to do this in, 5/7/9/?

Also the dates, it was mentioned that sometime in Aug/Sept might be a better time frame due too weather???? I am completely open and willing to discuss dates, and welcome any input from those whom have either thru'd this trail, hiked part of it, live near it, or have a better sense of the weather than I do (which is practically nothing )...

Also I have found some info on the trail itself, as minor as it may be I hope that any/all will help contribute any information you may have!

Here is a link to a site I found that has the elevation profile maps as well as trail maps, but I have "No" idea if they are still accurate or not, so if someone whom has a recent set of maps could look these over and confirm whether they are right or wrong it would be greatly appreciated---- http://trails.franusich.com/lhht/

I also looked over a couple of the other web sites like-

As well as many others, but, if you have a link to a site that has worthy information please post it.

You may post here or PM me for info/talk about this/or whatever, but I would rather you post here so others can learn and plan for this Adventure.

I have been talking with another HF member and they talked about doing a re-supply, and I am liking this idea very much as it would lessen the load needing to be carried.

I will continue to update this thread with any/all info I gather!

I am going to bring any info I gather to Mahha, and would greatly appreciate it immensely if you would do the same (or make copies for me???) so that any whom have an interest in this hike may see what we have, and or wanting to contribute to the conversation.

As I said "ALL/ANY" are welcome to join in on this hopefully wonderful hiking experience......