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    Yosemite & SEKI transportation?

    I plan to arrive in Fresno Sept 26. I will use Amtrak to the Yosemite Bug into & out of the park. I'll be without a car, and I hear the bus service is limited at that time.

    Will I be able to get down to Sequoia/Kings Nat. Park for a couple of days?
    Can I camp there if I'm just backpacking?

    Will it suck to get around the outer areas of Yosemite?

    Is it realistic to hitch to some of these places outside Yosemite Valley?

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    The typical park shuttle in Yosemite is great for the valley floor, but getting to the outer parts of the park is another story. The bus schedule is less frequent and the destination determines the rate, however it's still a pretty good deal. SEKI has a shuttle service, but I'm not very familiar with it. Getting from one park to the other is a bigger challenge. When he came out this summer, eaglej (Jon) rented a car at the airport in Fresno to go to SEKI but he mentioned something about an Amtrak/Yosemite collaboration when he went to Yosemite awhile back. A rental car may be a good idea depending on the parks you want to visit, length of your visit and so on. I may be able to shuttle you to one or both of the parks when you arrive, depending on work schedule and so forth here.
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    I went to Yosemite earlier this year and found a wealth of info on the Tripadvisor Yosemite forums. I might check there also. We took the Amtrak into Merced & then rented a car there.

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