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    Put ya some shock cord in the channel or just lay more sideways.
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    The side stretch suggested is a good easy fix, but you can improve on it by including tie-out points at the left shoulder and right ankle. This gives you a little more shoulder room, too. Try just the left shoulder tie-out first. That may be enough, because the side stretch on the right side will keep your quilt from sliding out and may handle all the loose fabric. Use a short section of bungee in each side tie out line.

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    +1 on WV's suggestion, tieouts do make a world of difference! It made a noob like me get really comfortable after numerous failed attempts with gathered ends, and I now actually prefer my cheap TW hammock with said mod (and bugnet+zipper added) over my expensive Chrysalis!

    I started with marble tieouts just to get a feel for where the sweetspot was, might be a good idea for you too? It does get even better with proper webbing tieouts, as it shapes sharper corners than with marbles and it tightens up the sides more. I am a pad user though, but it feels better even without. So much easier to find the spot too, takes the wrestling out of the equation, at least for me! Love it!

    And try with your head on both sides of the center before doing anything permanent, that's more important than one might think! I'm a head right/feet left person, my GF is the opposite, and we can't use each others hammocks... It feels like my spine twists when I get in hers, and I've modded both exactly alike except for the sides of tieouts.

    Don't worry, you'll get there with some tweaking!

    Cheers / Mix
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