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And if I could put in my own 2c here about change to the site, I for one feel like an outsider many times due to draconian tactics employed by some of the moderators in limiting any change or deviation to what they personally think the site should be. I've had threads moved and removed because one moderator or another didn't personally like the thread - even though it did not even come close to violating the TOS. No explanation, not PM, nothing. I bring this up, not to beat on the mods -who are doing their best I'm sure- but it can feel like getting hit by a sledge hammer around here if you're not in the inner circle. Again, just my opinion as a donating member, and I'm trying to keep it relevant to this thread about change and additions to the site.
Hammockforums is not a democracy, it's run by a benevolent dictatorship. All hail the mods! Donating members do not have more of a voice- just a few extra perks as a small thanks for chipping in.

This is a *friendly* *forum* about *hammocks* - anything else starts to deviate from the mission of this place. It's not designed to be "THE HAMMOCK COMMUNITY" - that existed before the forum, see White Blaze hammock subforum, and Ed Speer's email list. If you want to do hammock community stuff without the forum, go right ahead. But if it's about the forum, it's up to the mods.

(FYI, I believe that after the first couple of moved threads the mods stop notifying the user and just move them, to reduce their work load. Moderating is an unpaid position.)