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    Options for making a short narrow hammock more comfortable

    Like nano size which is 4'x9'.

    So far I am thinking a spreader bar.
    Will a double layer help ?


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    Double layer wont make it wider, check out the Mini Spreader Bar Thread.


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    That's what I was thinking about.

    I already made a nano sized hammock a while back.
    Had a ton of 1 oz fabric, but have been considering selling it.

    I am tall and for me even a 10' x 5' wide hammock does not quite lay like I would like.

    12'-13' x 5'+ is just about perfect, but then I am getting into huge tarps.


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    increase the sag a bit?

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    Mini spreader bars work.
    Just did the foot end of my 10' hammock and I can tell a big difference.

    Time to try a micro hammock now.


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    Makes a Hammock much more comfortable IMO.
    9" 5/8" oak dowel and 7" spread. Double loop
    brummels. Started out with 56" of amsteel.

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    Your welcome brother, anytime Happy Hanging


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