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Thread: HG incubator

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    HG incubator

    Hi I'm looking for a hammock gear incubator (full quilt) the 20F or the 0F version
    for my HH explorer ul (bottom entry).

    Let me know if you have one or the other for sale please.


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    Still looking

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    Not sure if you're still looking, but I'm selling mine. I'm a new member to the forum (longtime lurker) so I can't post in the For Sale forum, but I can post here it looks like. Basically I can't get as comfortable in a hammock as I can on ground, so I'm completely switching over. Keeping my top quilt because it's amazing and works well over a pad under a tarp, but I no longer have any use for my 20 Incubator UQ. Bought new from October 19th 2011, probably used on around 7-9 trips over the past two years. Always taken care of and aired out after each trip, even though it never accumulated any moisture. Color is black, no overfill, full length. I'm looking to get $200 shipped for it, no hurry to sell though. Paypal verified for over ten years, 300+ eBay feedback so I'm no stranger to selling online. Let me know if you're interested (or anyone else who sees this), thanks!

    EDIT : Oh shoot, after fully re-reading the post I now realize you are looking to trade. Unfortunately I'm just looking to sell now to help pay off all my ground equipment I just paid for

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    Quilt successfully sold to forum member stephen_q! Can't find edit button on my post last post so I had to double post

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