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    does my edge tarp need seam sealing?

    Hey all...I just got a 1.1 DL BB with the edge tarp and I was hoping to get to hang this weekend when it came to me... do I have to seam seal the tarp?

    I only have experience with tents so this may seem like a silly question do I need to seal the ridge going across with seam sealer? the tie outs?

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    I would recommend it, but don't keep that from letting you get out this weekend. I hung in several rain storms with my tarp before sealing and only the pullouts leaked...slowly. And the water just runs down the inside anyway. The ridge, I don't think it needs sealed at all.

    When you do get time to seal it, use Permatex flowable silicone - which many others here will recommend. It's about $5 at auto stores, hardware stores, etc.

    p.s. I may be confusing "tie outs" with side "pullouts" or panel pulls. I don't believe the Edge has pullouts. So in regards to the corner tie outs, forget're all set!

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    I also have the Edge tarp, did not seal the ridge and have not had trouble with it leaking in heavy rain.

    Brandon's website claim's there is no need to seal the seams, unless you have panel pulls. . .which I'm guesing you do not have on the Edge.

    Congrats on enjoying a great hammock and tarp combination !!

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    I didn't have to seam seal it and I never had issue's even in long medium rain.

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