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    Colorado Fall Hang / Ridgerunner release party - Oct 5-7, Burning Bear Campground

    UPDATE - reverend ridge is a no-go, we will now be holding the Hang at Burning Bear Campground, near Grant, CO

    We have settled on Oct 5-7 for the Fall hang and celebration of the release of the Warbonnet Bridge hammock.

    The hang will be held at Burning Bear Campground. While the campground is technically closed for the winter, we have obtained verbal permission from the Ranger in charge to use it. However, there is a chance that the pit toilets will be locked that weekend - they have told us this every time we've used it, and there has always been one unlocked. The campground is very easy to get to; just head west out of Denver on Hwy 285 and keep on truckin until you get to Grant, CO. Don't blink! You'll drive right through it. You'll make a right turn onto County Road 62, which is right across the road from the Grant General Store. It's about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Denver.

    This is the same campground we used for the first annual Colorado winter hang. It won't be snowy this time of year, but you can learn more about the fun time had last time around by those whose speedbump dogs didn't ruin the trip, at this old thread

    Keeping with the gear theme, I'm hoping to use this as an excuse to play around with some gear that has gone woefully un-used in the last year. I'll probably bring some stoves, some hammock stands, some extra under-insulation, etc. If there are any specific pieces of gear, hammock or otherwise, that you've been dying to see in person, please post in this thread, and hopefully one of the attendees will have one you can check out.

    Prepare for freezing temperatures. Burning Bear is at an elevation of 9,633 feet, so it will potentially get quite cold at night. I'm sure several of us will be able to share some insulation, so don't be afraid to ask if you don't think your gear is going to be able to handle the cold.

    We typically do a Pot Luck dinner on Saturday evening, so please plan to bring some food to share. I'm sure we will do day hikes on Saturday and Sunday to check out the changing aspen leaves.

    Beyond that, if you'd like to plan any other activities for the gang, please let us know here.

    Definitely Attending:

    Mustardman & MrsMustardman
    boothill & sodakgrrl
    warbonnetguy + 2-3
    cannibal - saturday noonish
    danamac, possibly +1

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