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    New Jersey Pine Barrens Hike

    i'm looking to do a Batona Trail hike or just a 3 day walk-about in the Wharton Track (Map)

    Want to do it between October 19-31. hike will include two of these camps. Buttonwood,Godfrey's, Lower Forge, Batona. I want to begin at Bass River Campground either starting there in AM or camping there the nite before.

    Kaia is going also

    Thank You,
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    Don't forget MAHHA is 10/19-10/21.
    I may be interested. My problem is that I'll be doing something 10/6-10/8 & MAHHA. She-who-must-be-obeyed (yeah, right) might buck at another outing. I'll need to test the waters.

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