I bought some ripstop nylon from Joann's. 50% off a sale price was hard to pass up. Didn't say the weight but sure feels like 1.9 oz to me. Can anyone varify the weight Joann's carries? Anyway, my thought was to make a down UQ. Would I be better served to get some 1.1 oz for an UQ project? I don't mind a few more ounces here or there but want to make a functional piece of equipment. I can always use it for other upcoming projects. I also scored a handfull of K-Mart down pillows on clearance. 16 oz white duck down 75/25. Opened one up and was hard pressed to find ANY feathers. Looking foward to making a budget minded project. Just got back from a week in Algonquin Provincial Park. My longest hang time by far...7 nights. My 12th time there but first time hanging. I used a fleece blanket under me (pad as a backup). No more...must have UQ... This is my first post. I will get around to introductions and post a few pics of my trip but for now I am done wrestling with pads and blankets.