I am new to your world, and would like to give hangin' a try. Based on my location (Florida), and the fact that we have a good amount of bugs here, I am considerin' the Deep Jungle as an option (double layer = skeeter free livin' apparently...?) I am also weighing the possibility of a Hyperlite, most notably the ability to add the super-shelter if I desire (and about one pound less weight).

Can anyone help me in my decision here... do I go Hyperlite and just add another layer or spray with permethrin when the skeeters are thick, or do I go with the Deep Jungle and add layers or retrofit something when it gets cooler...? OR do I consider a completely different model (or manufacturer) for that matter.

Certainly may end up with multiple hammocks in the future, but would like to get the most versatile that I can for starters.