Hi all!

I've been lurking way too long, but my boy scout son's recent foray into asking for a portable hammock stand finally got me to post.

I'm a single mom to an awesome 12 year old hanger. Last year he asked me to pull his bed out of his room and he's now hanging off two eye bolts and loving it! He can't stand sleeping in a bed, and when he has to camp without a hammock, well, I never hear the end of it! He's using an ENO double nest, an ENO rainfly and a bug net when he needs it when he's out and about.

I don't have my own gear, but I borrow my son's on occasion when we're not camping together. I'm looking forward to building our own more permanent stands in addition to his portable tripod system so we can hang together more often.

Thank you to everyone who participates here and for sharing your knowledge! I don't know where I would have learned such great new things to share with my kid!