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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipsissewa View Post
    +1 on all the above. This material might be better suited to use as a underquilt protector or hammock sock, as many have done.

    Good luck and WELCOME!!!
    a hammock sock outta this .. you might be on to something there .. hmm wheels are spinning .. I like that idea
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    Sorry for the thread necro, but I found some of this fabric by the yard (for $2/yard) and I'm experimenting with it. For the life of me the most I can find about this stuff calls it "multi-ply microporous polypropylene" -- no brand names for the material that I can dig up and no vendors that I can find. I am experimenting with using it for non-structural winter weatherization. I'm using it on the outside of an enclosed, insulated hammock. Will post results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curvedinfinity View Post
    ...I found some of this fabric by the yard (for $2/yard)...
    Where??! Pray tell!
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    Did some googling and I am interested in the results, but that material is what they use for surgical gowns. Having zero experience with that material I have no input as to how it would work out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipsissewa View Post
    Where??! Pray tell!
    So I thought it was the exact same thing as the frogg toggs material, but it's slightly different. The frogg toggs material has a non-woven backing material (like a felt). My fabric has a similar coating on one side (I think it's also polypropylene), but the backing is a woven mesh (appears to be polyester or polypropylene). Found it at walmart of all places in a sky blue color. It is water resistant and appears to be a little breathable (as in it doesn't form a vapor barrier). It's not durable at all, but I have yet to decide if it isn't acceptable -- haven't field tested it yet.

    I did make an insulated hammock with it. I used a polyester load bearing piece for the actual hammock, and then sewed some synthetic insulation and the polypropylene shell onto it. I'm going to sew a wrap-around top onto the hammock made with the same PP material. It's kind of a combo of a sock, underquilt, hammock and tarp. Total material cost was about $50. More later.

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