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    Bike Tour on the Katy Trail

    My brother John and nephew Brian and I are a third of the way through a bike tour across Missouri. You can read about it at:

    John and I have a friendly rivalry going about our gray hair, size, type of bike, etc. etc. If you get a chance to read the journal, make sure you hit the "Guestbook" button and leave helpful comments like "Those hammocks sure look comfortable compared with that tent."



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    love recumbents. Peddle a Barcroft Dakota. "I killed the Katy",, love that.
    Good luck on the rest of the tour.

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    Hotel last night in Jefferson City

    We are taking a planned rest day in Jefferson City, with a short two-hour ride this afternoon. The freehub on Brian's mountain bike failed as we got to town, within sight of the hotel.

    Two nights camping, with good hanging trees at both sites. We'll get pictures up soon.

    We'll now camp out for three nights straight--here's hoping for trees.

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    My youngest son (Weasel) did this trail from Clinton to Machens earlier this year with MedicineMan and a couple of other folks from the forum here.

    Quite an accomplishment, and a beautiful trail from all that I heard about it. They 'hung' most of the trip as well.

    Awesome to hear that you're having a great time on it!

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