I've recently abandoned a trip some of you will have read about here - from the UK to S.Korea - because of visa problems. Now I'm doing NY to LA instead.

No planning whatsoever. In time I'll post in here asking for advice on routes, campsites etc. I'd be especielly grateful if any of you could point out hanging spots near where you live or even let me use the lawn!

But to begin with, here's the situation:

5th Oct. Arrive NY JFK 10pm. Sleep in airport lounge because there are no cheap hostels or Warmshowers hosts at short notice (please offer advice here if you have any!).

6th Oct: Assemble bike. Leave airport (any Newyorkers want to tell me which road to take?!) at sunrise. Negotiate NY whilst looking out for shops that will replace broken laptop and dying rear bike rack. Point bike towards Philadelphia. Camp somewhere for free although WS hosts are being begged as I write.

7th Oct: Continue along this red line, more or less, at 70-100 miles per day:

25th Dec. be in Phoenix Arizona for Crimbo with the cousins. Then go to LA and fly to S. Korea

Here's a link to the failed attempt to get to China, which has ended at the Iranian border.

Link to blog. I'll carry on updating it. No time or laptop to do a new one. Apols for anti-American banter. All/most/some of it is an in-joke with aforementıoned cousins. I love you really, brethren.

Hope you enjoy reading and PLEASE speak up if you have any advice or help to offer! I like hammock geekery, free lawns to camp on and bringing beer to say thanks.