Hey gang,

I have a new video I shot while hiking last month. On this overnight hike, I went to the Spout. It is on the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Spout is a naturally occuring freshwater geyser. Water from a small river goes down a hole in the shore rocks that leads to the ocean. As the waves from the ocean reach the shore, they force the fresh water back up the hole that it came from, thus creating a geyser.

I camped at a site that has wooden tent platforms. I set up my hammock over the platform. That gave me a great place to sit and cook in comfort. Overnight there were high winds and heavy rain. In the morning it was foggy with heavy mist rolling in. I stayed warm and dry. The hike out was very wet. The water from the bushes just ran down my legs into my boots. I was totally soaked. My hike total distance was 24 kilometers. My total packweight including food and water was 23.8 pounds.

I had a great time !