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    SOLD: Closet Cleaning

    So I now live in a area that does not have many trees So it is time to liquidate some surplus hammock equipment to fund life and other hobbies. Don't worry, I am keeping plenty to allow me to hang when the opportunity arises

    - JRB No-Sniv bought from another HF member and it is in perfect condition. My feet get really cold so I am going to look for a 20* TQ with a sewn footbox when the time comes. Both my house and his are smoke/pet free and it has always been stored lofted and I always packed it loose in my pack. SOLD

    - I have a homemade J Falk style Bushwacker stove with 12cm Imusa Pot. Works great and burns really hot. I can get weights on this when I get home today and post them. I also have an assortment of alcohol stoves and windscreens that I can put in with this so you have a full kit. Asking $25

    - MiniBull Design Choke Hazard 2 stove. Burned <5 times, just wasn't my cup of tea. Comes with the fuel line, nipple cap, stove and simmer ring. I can throw in a fuel bottle to fit the cap if you need it. SOLD to Canteen Boy

    - ENO Double nest. I whipped the ends with 550 Paracord and installed whoopie slings. I also have some homemade tree straps to go with it. The straps are long and could easily be trimmed down if you want. I don't have any toggles for this since I just used sticks that I found laying around. Asking $65

    I am not really interested in trading at this point. First "I'll take it" takes it regardless of someone asking questions about it. Payment via PayPal only. Pictures upon request, just PM me with am email address to send them to.

    Happy Hanging
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