Hey everyone,
I'm not a regular backpacker, but I make at least 1-2 backpacking trips a year, and am planning on becoming a more regular backpacker now that I am out of college and have free weekends. I'm planning on going on a short(14 miles) overnighter with my fiance this weekend, and of course it's supposed to rain and be fairly cold. I got into hanging this summer, and have not had any problems with cold/rain so far. Just learned about using drip lines a week or so ago, so I was wondering if there was anything else that might be helpful to try out. I have a nice toxaway tarp that I just received that I'll be using as cover for my fiance, and a smaller tarp that came with a hammock I bought from another HF member. Just want to be prepared considering I'm expecting to get rained on, and I really want to get my fiance into hanging as well.