Hey guys....I did a DIY bug net with some sheers(gathered under hammock with shock cord).....not bad.....BUT it seems like they are not "deep" enough....vertically.....when I get in my BIAS hammock and sinch it up.....I still end up with a BIG hole about the size of a dinner plate under my backside.....that always seems to work it's way up to my face!.....I can wake up in the night...and know where it is by the cooler air

soooo..... It looks like the BAIS bug net is made the same.....is that the case??.....I might guess that there's is "taller" so you can gather correctly???

My buddy has a ENO bugnet and I like the way it zips and unzips on the side....but it looks WAY too short for a BAIS.

It could be just my BIG butt weighing the hammock down