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    Initial Set; Annum Use.

    Items for an initial set; functionally compatible alternatives accepted, preference to mechanical over electronic, silent operation, and natural colors. Postings of inexpensive distributors is appreciated.
    Climate range is Freezing to Hot+Humid, annum moderate trail|hiking usage; North Midwestern locality (liable to change).

    An Amazon list,
    An Amazon list fulfilled through other distributors,

    "Bushcooker LT II + Windscreen Titanium [FourDog]"
    "Atomic 2 [MiniBullDesign]"
    "Hex Rainfly 30D Silnylon [Hennesy Hammock]"
    "Radiant Double Bubble Pad [HennesyHammock]"
    "Multi-Function Steel Grater"
    "Titanium Ascent ultralight 10g 6.x25in (x8)"
    "4134 Unbleached 2ply 400sheet recycled toilet paper (beige) (x10) [Tree Cycle]"
    "Isopropyl Alcohol 91% (16floz) [Walgreens]"
    "Peppermint Liquid Soap 2oz [Bronner]"

    Sleeves for thermos bottles.
    Possibly an inexpensive under quilt.
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