Just having some fun here........

Come listen to story about a hanger named Jed
A poor hammock hanger barely kept his habit fed
All the time he was looking for some new gear
And up his mind came a crazy new idea

Threat injector, sewing machines, textile impaler

Well the first thing you know ol Jed a making his own stuff
Fellow hangers telling him he should open his own shop
Said Cottage Industry is the place you ought to be
So he incorporated his business and started making gear

Hammocks that is, custom made in any shade you need

Next thing you know ol Jeb's a celebrity
Folks like Shug reviewing his stuff for free
Hangers across the world order his gear right right fast
And poor Jeb's so busy he can't go hang no more

Hanging that is, Hang a while, lay back and rest a while

A big Whooo Buddy; you hear !!!!