I am getting ready to place a rather large order with Marty sometime this week. I am retiring a four year old DD Hammock and in need of a new complete winter kit.

Here is what I am looking to pull the trigger on:

Night Owl with adjustable ridgeline
Oldman Winter Tarp, 144", with flatline mod
3/4" Down Under Quilt with 8 oz. extra down
XXL Top Quilt with 6 oz. extra down
Large Lazy Slug Tube

I think this will be a really nice setup and I'm hopeful, with proper clothing, to get down to 0F degrees with this.

Any suggestions on anything I should reconsider or do differently? For reference, I am 6' 2" tall and 280 lbs. I am debating a tarp skin but I have been using tarps for six years and never saw the need for one and, to be honest, it would put me a bit over budget to add it on at this time. Hell, this is all more than I should spend on but it should be worth it long term.