Hi all!

I'm relatively new here. I recently bought a DD travel hammock and have asked a few questions on the DD forum but nobody seems to be hamging out there so I thoiught I'd ask here!

I bought the hammock to use as I motorbike around Europe next summer. I wanted a hammock where I could store my motorbike clothing with me as I sleep (there'll be space for everything but that in the bike panniers). I really like the Clark but don't want to spend that much on my first hammock.

I asked DD if they could do me a custom hammock with some sort of storage space added and they suggested that i simply buy one of their mesh hammocks and string it up underneath me within easy reach.

Well, that's a briliant idea and that's what I've done. But ideally, I'd like to have evrything sort of pre-set up in hammock sleeves for a speedy set up and take down (I'll be rough/stealth camping most of the time).

Do any of you master hanger's employ a similar system or can anyone advise me on how to set this up? Maybe there's a simple way to attatch the mesh hammock to the DD Travel Hammock suspension (I've gone with whoopie slings and tree huggers after perusing this forum).

I'm completely new to hanging, so any advice from fellow motorbikers, snakeskin/sleeve users or any advice regarding storage would be must appreciated =D)