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Thread: Storage system

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    Are you looking for something like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K0m4 View Post
    I'd second the idea of simply snapping the mesh hammock to the suspension underneath your Travel. I had a DD hammock before, and I think that something like the mesh hammock would readily fit into the snake skin. If you tie the straps into a small loop closest to the hammoc, you can just leave a biner on there (assuming you've stuck with its original suspension).

    So far I've just hung my rider gear freely on the suspension, but I've been thinking about a set-up like this. It would work for a backpack as well.
    Yeah, I ordered the extra large tarp, which means I could probably just dump my gear on the ground underneath the hammock. But I like the idea of using the mesh hammock as a shelf to keep everything with me just in case.

    I've gone with whoopie slinds as suspenstion, but that means there's a biner in the system already and I might just be able to tie the mesh hammock off to that. I'm thinking of adding shock cord tie outs to the edges, which would clip to the hammock ridgeline to keep the mesh hammock really close -- meaning it could double as an UQ holder if necessarry...

    I just need to make sure it doesn't hand too close to me when it has gear in there and that it doesn't hand too close to the ground. Guess I'll just have to experiment.

    I notice you said you had a DD (as in past tense), what made you change out? Anything I need to look out for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallkniven View Post
    Are you looking for something like this?
    Hmmm... well, I already have two DD hammock sleeves (snakeskins) so the speed sack isn't strictly necessary, but it would probably be useful to have a large stuff sack to put the snake in, for ease of storage on the bike.

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