Hi everyone!

I'm planning a solo trip to Panthertown Valley in NC from Oct. 19th-21st. I had some friends that were going to join me, but they couldn't make it due to job constraints. This is going to be my first solo 2 night trip, and I'll be testing some new gear. I don't usually camp this late into the season, because I've never had the appropriate gear.

I guess I've got the pre hike jitters so id like to post a gear list to make sure my bases are covered.

Osprey exos 46 (purchased here on HF)
Eno doublenest
Hennesy hex tarp in snake skins
LeighLo 30* UQ (new gear)
Western Mountaineering caribou 35* bag (new gear, picked it up for 50$, killer deal!)
fleece sleeping sack (not sure if ill bring this)
alcohol stove and fuel (trying to use this in the woods for the first time)
coleman max stove and fuel (backup)
Coleman max cook kit.
line and biners to hang my pack (pct style)
map and compass
cell phone
Space blanket
thermarest z-lite
Aquamira or an msr filter
small first aid kit
food, coffee, ect
2 liter camelbak bladder
and lastly a water bottle

The long range forcast has overnight temps in the mid to low 40's but the weather can be fickle this time of year. The only thing I can think of that I would need would be some sort of rain gear. Ill probably pick up a cheap poncho for that.

Do any of you see anything I would need or any glaring redundancies (other than the coleman stove)