Hi there,

I have been on about 5 or 6 camoing/backpacking trips with my hammock setup - a Hennessy zip with whoopies, Phoenix UQ, and Maccat Deluxe tarp. I use my 15 degree mountain hardware down bag as top insulation. My main motivation for geting in to hanging is the availability of backcountry camping opportunities, particularly on uneven or wet terrain while backpacking.

I want to like hanging but each of the times I have gone I have found that I am not that comfortable sleeping. Not hugely uncomfortable but more comfortable in my Big Agnes UL tent and Neo Air mattress. In addition, I miss having a place to "throw everything" when I hammock. I hang my pack and make a "doormat" from a small tarp under my hammock to put items but the convenience of having gear storage and vestibules especially in inclement weather is a downer.

I want to like hanging - I don't think the problem is my setup or gear but rather my technique and maybe my expectations. The idea of being able to camp anywhere is great but I have found in places I go (Catskills, Adirondacks, Whites) I usually camp in designated backcountry sites anyway - where it is no problem to tent camp. I do this simply because in the middle of summer to dive off the trail 150 ft in the Catskills into the brush does not seem like a good idea.

Doe anyone have any insight on this or have a similar spiritual camping conflict?