View Poll Results: Interest in tree-free hammock? Greatest hammock use limiting factor?

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  • Yes, I would be interested

    83 70.34%
  • No, I would not be interested

    24 20.34%
  • Lack of trees has been greatest limiter

    21 17.80%
  • Distance between trees has been my greatest limiter

    23 19.49%
  • Hammock:tree ratio has been my greatest limiter

    2 1.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Hammock hanging poll

    Working on a college project. Wanted to get some data from hammock users!

    1. If there were a product on the market that allowed a hammock to be completely tree-free and were also backpack-able, would you be interested in it?

    2. What has been the most frequent limiting factor to your hammock use:

    A. lack of trees

    B. tree spacing

    C. hammock to tree ratio (too many hammocks, not enough trees in proximity)

    This is completely academic in nature, but if any manufacturers would like to take the idea and run with it, please do!!

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