Hey fellow hangers,

As some of you who have dealt with 2Q and ZQ in the past have found out as i have found out there is no PEGGY at the end of this line. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dealing with either Tim or Donna, you are in for a true treat. Not only did Donna take the time to speak with me, oh my God, a real true person does exist on the end of the other line, for about 10 minutes but that same night, not even an hour later, i was on the phone with Tim for another 15 minutes.
You want to talk about customer service...well they exemplify customer service. Let me tell you if you have any reason to deal with Tim and Donna you are truly in good hands.
I had a Mod 3 done on my HH Explorer Deluxe...will arrive tomorrow morning so says the USPS...but you know what, i have absolutely no fear about the quality of work. From start to finish they put your mind at ease, give you what you want, and the communication is great.
The only hard part was waiting for my "New" gear. LOL.
Such is life but you can't rush quality.
Just my 2 cents worth.